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Work-shop on: “Waste Management and Treatment – Theory and Practice”Hammamet 28th - 30th March 2011 Tunisia
Deadline for applications: 15th February 2011
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Work-shop on:
“Waste Management and Treatment – Theory and Practice”
Hammamet 28th - 30th March 2011
(The course will be held in English)
Deadline for applications: 15th February 2011
The aim of the course is to contribute to the capacity building process on Waste Management and Treatment of the participating country experts.
The course will focus on the following topics:
  • Waste management and treatment of industrial and municipal solid waste;
  • Theory and practice in life cycle assessment of built-structures,  materials and industrial products;
  • Management of demolition debris, and industry and residues as part of the building industry sector;
  • Cleaner production and pollution prevention in the mining industry, minerals exploitation and waste recovery for the building industry;
·         Case studies.
Expected Output
The aims of the course will be the following:
  • Transfer of technology and know-how on Waste Management and Treatment;
  • Increased level of skilled technicians and decision makers in the countries;
  • A multidisciplinary and more systematic understanding of the environmental impacts of specific activities;
  • Increased awareness of participating authorities and companies to promote best technologies, as part of their routine activities;
  • Greater skills and capacity at counterpart and support institutions to undertake training and upgrading projects.
Course format
The training seminar will consist of lessons- presentations from international experts from the Italian universities.
The course is open to a limited number of international participants and it aims at university researchers, professors and graduate students, decision makers, mid-career technologists, and professionals from public authorities and companies involved in the field of Waste Management and Treatment.

Course Venue
The Course will be held in a 5 star hotel at Hammamet in Tunisia.
The attached registration form should be returned by 15 February 2011 to: and cc:
For additional informations you can contact :
- Mrs Kaouther Machta
BP 88 A – 3099 El-Bustan
Mobile +21624043900
fax: +216 74431386
- Mr. Ali Boulila
BP 88 A – 3099 El-Bustan
fax: +216 74 431 386
- Mrs Luisa Bertucci
Forgea International
Via XXIX Novembre, 57
09123 Cagliari-Italy
Tel +39-070-655385
- “With the support of TWAS, the Academy of sciences for developing world”
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