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IREC 2010
Date de création: 17 May 2010
The International Renewable Energy Congress 2010
Date : 5-7 novembre 2010 à Sousse

 The International Renewable Energy Congress (IREC) provides a forum for both researchers and practitioners around the world on recent developments in the fields of renewable Energy. The congress will consist of plenary sessions, oral sessions and poster presentations.
Authors from academia as well as industry working within the scope of the congress subjects are invited to submit their papers. The congress particularly welcomes papers related to industry-based projects.
All papers will be peer reviewed on the basis of full manuscripts and acceptance will be based on quality, originality and relevance.
Presented papers will be published in the congress website. Best presented papers will be selected for  possible publication in referred international journals.
  •  Wind Energy
  •  Photovoltaic Energy
  •  Solar Thermal Energy
  •  Hybrid Energy
  •  Biomass Energy
  •  Hydraulic Energy
  •  Sustainability
  •  Environment
  •  Materials and technologies
  •  Energy storage
  •  Energy  transfer
  •  Modeling and simulation
  •  Policies and regulation
  •  Optimization
  •  Energy save
  •  Energy management
  •  Prediction and forecast
  •  System sizing
  •  Energy Efficiency
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